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What is Idaho elite basketball?

When are tryouts?  Tryouts for upcoming seasons will be posted on the home page of this website once we have solidified dates, times, and locations.  Typically tryouts, and makeup tryouts are in the first or second weekend of August.

What is the criteria/cost of tryouts?  There is no cost for the tryouts.  Only criteria is that all candidates must show up to the tryouts with a  parent or guardian for registration, have a ball, reversible jersey, and positive attitude.


What are the costs?  Costs depend on season and age, but estimate is between $500-$1100 for Winter (peak) season, not including the cost of purchasing a jersey.  If you currently own a jersey, you will not have to purchase a new jersey for the new season unless you need to get a larger size or replacement.  We encourage our families to also communicate to see if families want to jersey swap.  There is also an available Spring/Summer season for teams that would like to continue beyond the Winter season.  We also hold events all through summer and fall.

How many tournaments do the teams play in?  Teams play in about 6-10 tournaments during the Winter ( peak ) season.  Additional tournaments are determined by Head Coach, and must be approved by IEB Board.

How long is the season?  Seasons duration vary by grade level.  Some teams may run earlier or later depending on availability of players and coaches.  This will be communicated to parents at tryouts so it's clear when the seasons run.  Since variables such as school ball and other sports play into these decisions as the kids get into middle school and junior high some grade levels seasons may run a little different then others.  Winter ball will typically run after football into early spring.  Spring/summer ball will run from the end of winter season till summer.  See below for a more details grade level breakdown:

  • 3-6th Grade Boys - First Season: November - March  Second Season: March - May

  • 7-8th Grade Boys - First Season: October - March  Second Season: March - May

  • High School Boys - Spring Season: Close of HS Ball - May  Summer Season: July 

  • 3-7th Grade Girls - First Season: November - January  Second Season: March - May

  • 8th Grade Girls - First Season: November - February  Second Season: April - May

  • High School Girls - Spring Season: Close of HS Ball - May  Summer Season: July

*Our high school teams are run through our sister program Tree of Hope Idaho (Nike EYBL) for girls.


What size balls do the kids use? Boys – up to Grade 6 uses Size 28.5, after Grade 6 uses 29.5.  Girls – all us Size 28.5.

What camps or clinics do we run and when?  

  • Future Stars Camp - Grades K-3, boys and girls 

  • Offensive Skills Camp - Grades 3-11, Boys & Girls


What happens if my son/daughter doesn’t make the team?  Unfortunately, due to lack of gym space, we sometimes don’t have the ability to keep all players that try out.  We run a 2 team system ( “Red” and “Blue) per grade, based on level of play and number of players that try out in each grade.  If your player doesn’t make a team, we do our best to communicate the reasons behind why your player didn’t make the team, and what your player needs to do to improve to give him/ her a better chance of making the team next year.  Please remember that all kids experience growth, maturity, and strength at different times, so please adjust your expectations towards where your player is with his/ her classmates.


What if we can’t afford the costs?  Every year, we hold a “Midnight Madness” fundraising event, where all players have the ability to raise funds that would go towards their own personal player fees.  100% of funds raised during this event, minus the cost of credit card/ PayPal transaction costs, go towards your player’s fees.  It’s been a fun event, and has proven to be an effective way for our players that might need help with their player fees to afford the cost of playing with Idaho Elite.  “Midnight Madness” takes place every November – look for details coming out right before the start of the Winter season.

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