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How does tryouts & team selection work?

Often we are asked how the tryout and team selection process works.  Below is a synopsis that we cover with each of our coaches prior to tryouts and the beginning of that process.


  • Tryouts are typically held on the first or second Saturday in August.  Tryouts are typically the following week on a week night.

  • We hold open tryouts, anyone is welcome.  

  • We individually evaluate the players through a process we have been using for many years.  Each player is given an individual number and this is given to the coaches.  

  • At the beginning of the tryouts parents are taken out for a parent meeting.  At the parent meeting they are given all of the information they would need to make a decision on the upcoming season of basketball.

  • Players are put through a rigorous basketball tryout.  We test finishing, shooting, ball handling, footwork, passing, defense, and team skills.  Coaches observe while an individual runs the tryout, allowing coaches maximum evaluation time.

  • After makeup tryouts, coaches form coaches meetings to go through all of the players that tried out and make decisions.  Typically 2 teams are formed and players are called and offered spots.  There are also special situations where players are asked to practice only with the teams.

  • Regardless on if your player makes a team or not, you will recieve a phone call notifying you of the decision.  You are welcome to speak with the coach about why the decision was made, and potential areas to work on to better your player.

  • If your player does not make a team, we encourage them not to give up on basketball.  We want them to go work hard and come back again the following year.  Anyway we can assist in that process, we are happy to help.

  • Final critical item.  At IEB, each year we reset our rosters.  We do not hold roster spots for players, and we do not hold team spots for players.  Each year we feel it is important to level the playing field 100%.

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