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Idaho Elite Basketball 3 Pillars

The "3 Pillars" is the foundation for our organization .  It is something that we discuss and reference throughout the season with our players.  We will ensure that our players both understand the meaning of the "3 Pillars", while also expecting them to use them as a tool as they make their day-to-day decisions and choices.


  • 3 R's - Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Responsibility

  • We will "play to win", but we will not "win at all costs".

  • "No excuses.  No explanations."     -Tony Dungy


  • "Success travels in the company of very hard work.  There is no trick, no easy way."  -John Wooden

  • "Players play, but tough players win." - Tom Izzo

  • Be in the moment.  Play present.


  • "The star of the team is the team."  -John Wooden

  • QBQ - Be accountable for all that you say and do.

  • "Teamwork" is not a word or phrase, it's a promise.

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