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What is Idaho elite basketball?

Idaho Elite Basketball or "IEB" is a club basketball team that participates in local, regional, and Elite level basketball tournaments.  IEB is a player centric basketball community, where the development of each player, both on and off the court, is the main focus and priority.  




  • We follow a standard that we call the "3 Pillars" in everything we do.  Character, Commitment, & Teamwork.

  • All IEB coaches sign an annual "Coach's Code of Ethics and Accountability" form, ensuring that they will hold their player's safety, security and well being in the highest regard.

  • All IEB parents sign a Parents Pledge (modeled after the PCA Parent Pledge), reminding them act in a positive, self-controlled way before, during, and after games, scrimmages and practices.

  • We work to instruct each player through lessons, homework and drills that continual improvement and learning is our primary goal, not wins or accolades.

  • We strive to be a learning organization through continual research, focus groups and requesting feedback through surveys from our parents.

  • As basketball coaches, "..we don't take ourselves seriously, but we do take what we do seriously."

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