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Midnight madness headquarters

Sending out donation requests

Midninght Madness is our annual IEB fundraising event for our players and families.  All donated money goes to the player and family you specify, IEB does not take a cut of the donations.  Players will shoot and make 100 free throws on their own and report back to their coaches.  Additionally they will participate in a 3 hour mini-camp for training and to get to know other IEB players at all grade levels both boys and girls.


Players have many ways to collect donations, they can collect from their family, friends, neighbors, businesses, or complete strangers.  Donations can come in the form of cash, check, or via our PayPal link here on this website (big green button on top of site).  Donations will be tallied and collected the night of the event and credited to the players account.  Players can help this process by using the pledge form to the right here on this page.


We have several resources for our families to collect money.  On this page  you will find a document with an email template to send out to your friends and family.  We also have players get out and "pound pavement" collecting donations.  Players, get creative and go collect as many donations as you can!


Any questions can be directed to your grade level head coaches, or you can email

Player email template - Friends and Family.pdf
IEB Midnight Madness Pledge Form.pdf
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